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The International Trade Division’s Participation in the Wine City Tour has made Gratifying Results

  The International Trade Division has made great efforts to overcome the impact of the epidemic this year. As of June 30, a total of RMB 2.52 million in self-operated wine domestic trade business has been traded,which increased by 105% year-on-year. 

  2020 is the third and the most critical year for The International Trade Division to conduct the wine project business. Just as the whole team exerted the utmost efforts and got ready for fighting, a sudden epidemic disturbed the rhythm relentlessly. The national tour that was originally scheduled to start in March was postponed repeatedly, and The 102th China Food&Drinks Fair in May was cancelled, which inevitably affected the wine market promotion work of The International Trade Division.

  Finally, with the epidemic situation getting better, there is good news that small-scale exhibitions can be launched recently. The International Trade Division decided to go to Chengdu, Chongqing and Nanning to participate in the exhibitions in June. As the consumption has been suppressed for a long time, and retaliatory eruption has occurred, coupled with the characteristics of popularity, quality and price advantages, as well as relatively complete categories of the Penfolds series products of wines, the exhibition was crowded, and dealers and customers came to taste and consult one after another, the popularity was high! After the exhibition, the customer appointment rate was extremely high, up to 70%, twice as much as usual . After the three exhibitions, a total of about RMB100,000 was traded on-site and the intended transaction was about RMB150,000.

  What’s more, since the beginning of June, The International Trade Division has participated in 10 wine exhibitions in 10 cities in China, which has achieved good expected results. These city tours not only successfully expanded the market and customers, but also realized the expectation of using circulation products to drive the sales of self-operated varieties according to the plan. The sales volume and profit margins achieved complementary advantages, which laid the foundation for the next development of the wine business!