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As Covid-19 spreads all over the world, the epidemic prevention and control tend to become normal and regular, and protective masks have become a necessity in our daily life. GUANGZHOU BEGOL HOLDINGS LIMITED, a subsidiary of GUANGZHOU TEXTILES INDUSTRY AND TRADE HOLDINGS LTD., pays huge attention to the epidemic prevention product market, and make good use of its huge advantages in franchised medical equipment products and textile fabric products and they has in-depth knowledge of the quality and specifications of raw materials. By making full use of the professional qualifications of medical devices, and cooperate with our best and high-class supplier, we develop our own operated products BEGOL BRAND FACE MASKS.
On June 15th, the 127th Online Canton Fair successfully opened, 158 products of Tiger Head Company collectively go online, 24-hour live show broadcast and customer reservation negotiations continued smoothly. In order to better play the role of Online Canton Fair's all-round opening platform,Tiger Head Company actively opened up overseas online promotion and live show broadcast channels to boost new marketing and promote orders to stabilize the market.